We created Design tasks to be graded manually, so that you can assign scores to your candidates, based on the factors most important to your team. 

When reviewing your candidate's Design Task solution, we recommend you consider the following:

(Note: the percentages are our suggestion for how to weight each aspect of the candidates' design submissions.) 

Quality of the code
Are all components that are required in the design file visible to the eye? Do they align correctly and is all information correct?

Adherence to Task Requirements
i.e. font size, background color, etc.

Does it looks good on different screen and window sizes? Does it work well on various browsers?

Quality of Design Replication
The closeness of the submission to the target design (it doesn't need to be pixel-perfect, but should be similar). 

After looking over the candidate's solution, the reviewer can assign a score by clicking on the task score's edit button. 

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