When assessing your candidates' front-end skills, you'll want to use a combination of Codility tasks - most notably, Design and Web tasks.

Specifically however, Design tasks are great for assessing candidates' ability to write code in HTML/CSS. When you add a design task to your test, your candidate will be given images, text and page specs, and then will need to build a web page using HTML and CSS. 

Given the visual element, we let you assign a score to your candidate for their design task submission rather than automatically applying a score. To decide, look at a side-by-side comparison of what the web design should look like and candidates' submitted version. You can even download the file to check it out yourself.
You can then assign a score for that task which will be added to the overall score on their report. 

We're constantly improving our skills assessment suite, so if you have feedback or comments, please send them to support@codility.com. 

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