While the Codility library offers a great range of tasks and questions ready for you to use, sometimes, you need something custom. We have an easy way to create these custom tasks right into your account. 

There are four types of custom tasks you can create within your Codility account:

  1. Coding Tasks  - automatic grading, plagiarism detection
  2. Multiple Choice Tasks - automatic grading
  3. Upload Tasks - manual grading
  4. Essay Tasks - manual grading


A coding task creation requires a name and synopsis to start off with. You are required to set the time limit of the task. Then you have to choose a function signature, this will give the option to choose what the return type as well as how many parameters the function takes. A reference solution is required with the question, preferably in all the languages that you want the candidate to be able to code in.

We recommend giving a couple of example test cases as well as correctness test cases. The example test cases are not graded but they are good for candidate reference. After this go ahead and click "Save draft". We run quality checks on the task submitted, we reach out to you once it is approved and uploaded to the library.

Click here to read a more detailed guide to creating your custom coding tasks.

If you find that you are unable to make the task you want using the Custom Task suite in the Codility app, contact us at support@codility.com and we will be happy to help. If you'd like to use our Partnered Task process you can find more information here.


A Multiple choice questions requires a name and synopsis to start of with. Then you go ahead and write the question along with the choices that you give the candidate taking the test. To add another multiple choice question go ahead and click on "Question". Once you have the test created, go ahead and publish it.


This is great way to give candidates a chance to compile a bigger project and send it via Codility as a document, Image, archive or a binary file. You would have to provide the description of the task as well as specify the time limit of the task. One last thing needed is specifying the file size that can be uploaded, the maximum file size is 60Mb.


These tasks are a really good way to gather feedback, see what candidate is thinking while solving a problem. All you have to do is give the test a name, synopsis, and write the question. 

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