Public test links are designed to help you open up access to your test without having to use direct individual invitations. 

Unlike normal test invitations where the link to the test is unique to each candidate and can only be used once, creating a public test link generates a URL which multiple people can use to start your test. 


  1. Go to your tests dashboard and navigate to the relevant test
  2. Click "Activate" next to public link
  3. Select the time/date when you'd like the link to become active or inactive, or make it active indefinitely instantly
  4. Copy/paste it into the correct position in your workflow
  5. Any candidates who use the link from then on will automatically go into the sessions tab of your test


While a great way to make your test more accessible, Public Links to your test should be used carefully as when used in correctly, can have adverse effects. If posted without and gate keeper (ie. directly on your website, or directly onto social media) a Public Link will be open for anyone on your site or social media to use as many times as they want, using different aliases, using up sessions. 

Some clients are fine with this, but for better implementation we recommend: 

  • Placing your public link behind a gate (ie. an application form) so that the candidate can only access the link once they've submitted their contact information. 
  • Advising candidates that only their first submission will be reviewed so they don't have an incentive to attempt the link multiple times. 
  • Using a variant task or task randomizer in combination with your public link (and letting the candidate know that in advance) so that each new attempt gives the candidate completely different tasks so they don't have an incentive to try better their score. 
  • Limiting access to the link by email address (so that candidates can only have one attempt per email). Contact and we'll set that up for you. 
  • Avoiding the use of prizes or competitive incentives which might bring the wrong sort of traffic to your public link. (We have better ways of doing that with CodeChallenges). 

If you have any questions about using Public Links, contact us at and we'll be happy to advise. 

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