Coding Style Assessments give you new insight into your candidates' coding skills. 

Engineering is a team effort, so making sure your candidates write good, clean, and tidy code is really important. Your engineers need to be able to understand each other's work easily, so they don't waste time having to clean, translate, or restructure code just to understand it. 

Requesting a Coding Style Assessment gives you specific and clear insights into the strengths and limitations of your candidate's solution, looking at whether they:  

  1. Write efficient code with no duplication
  2. Name variables, constants, and functions in a meaningful and proper way
  3. Use a consistent style throughout their solution
  4. Consistently apply spacing and commenting throughout their code
  5. Structure their code well to ensure it can be easily read

How to request a Coding Style Assessment

Open the candidate's Codility test report and click "Request Style Assessment." The report typically takes between 2 - 5 business days to prepare. Once it's ready, we'll email it to you directly. 

We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions so that we can make Code Style assessments as valuable as possible for your team, so email us at to share your ideas. 

Please note, we’ve limited the number of style assessment requests from your account to 10 total while we are in beta. If you’d like more capacity, please contact us. 

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