What is a CodeChallenge?

CodeChallenges are designed for online prospect engagement, passive recruitment, and event-based recruitment. More exciting than traditional approaches, CodeChallenges allow you to ignite action amongst developers, letting them show off what they’re best at, and stand out against other employers. 

A CodeChallenge is a great way to: 

  • Create excitement at in-person events 
  • Captivate fans and followers with an online competition 
  • Re-engage your database of previous candidates to aid sourcing

The Anatomy of a CodeChallenge

The Challenge Task

Every CodeChallenge includes an exclusive task, built by Codility for this purpose.

Choosing the task

All tasks created for CodeChallenges test fundamental programming skills, and fall into the subtypes of algorithmic and coding (suggested). The recommended difficulty level is medium to hard, depending on the context of your CodeChallenge. Codility will suggest a task suitable for your CodeChallenge.

Language selection 

While you may limit your CodeChallenge to be completed in certain programming languages only, it’s recommended to leave as many options as possible to achieve higher participation rates. To view the list of languages available in fundamental (algo and coding) tasks, click here.

Visuals and messaging 

CodeChallenges are designed to match the branding of your company, event or campaign. In order to set this up, we’ll need some specific images from your design or branding team to make sure your CodeChallege looks great across different devices and screen sizes.

CodeChallenge visuals 

To create a CodeChallenge we need to receive a number of visuals from you (see the paragraph called Registration/Intro Page below). Once received, we will make a mockup of your CodeChallenge for you to approve before it’s officially launched. 

CodeChallenge title

When naming your challenge, we recommend something short and connected to your brand or your main campaign. Using your company name is recommended but not required. Contact us to get feedback on your proposed CodeChallenge name. 

Links and Tracking

CodeChallenges drive traffic to your site and it’s important to consider where you’d like this traffic to land to make the most of your CodeChallenge.

Links on your CodeChallenge page

While not required, within the body text of your CodeChallenge, we recommend linking viewers to your careers page, developer careers page or wherever you’d like to drive interested prospects. This is a great way to show viewers where to find out more information about your open positions, or upcoming events. Please provide us with the relevant link using typical UTM fields for your internal tracking.

Facebook Pixels and additional tracking

You can consider adding a custom tracking code into your CodeChallenges page.

Page Anatomy

Below is a mockup of the pages that make up a CodeChallenge. To ensure consistency, all images and styling are kept aligned for your CodeChallenge.


Prizes and Rules

Registration and Custom fields 


Starting the process

If you're interested in running your own CodeChallenge, you should reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start the process and agree on the starting date and the personalized timeline.

The first and most important thing is the Challenge Task. Codility will suggest a task for you to use in your CodeChallenge. Once the task choice is approved, we will need you to deliver the required specifications. We will share the whole list during that process, but the most important thing is to make sure that the images will be delivered in correct sizes to ensure they display correctly on the page. You can find details on the deliverables below.

Registration/Intro Page

  • Header text
  • Logo: for best results use image that has height of 60 px
  • Cover image: 850 x 800 px
  • 3 Prize images: 200 x 160 px
  • 3 descriptions of the prizes
  • Rules section
  • Required fields for registration
  • A line fo text for the registration page (optional)

During the CodeChallenge

Registration (optional)

The registration page can be opened approx. 5-7 days before the CodeChallenge starts. All registered participants will receive 2 e-mail notifications: 

  • Confirmation of registering
  • Reminder about the start of the Challenge

Live Leaderboard

Once your CodeChallenge has begun, the leaderboard will give you a clear view of the scores of participants. The final result is based on the score, correctness, and performance (if applicable) of their code. The time of completing the challenge and the order of submissions is also taken into consideration. If you’d like to include other factors, you can always add extra fields to the sign-up form, with details relevant to your recruitment process. 

Detailed Candidate Reports

Once the challenge is finished, you will have access to the full participants report through your Codility Account. Simply log in, navigate to your CodeChallenge from the tests dashboard and you will be able to see the full Candidate Reports of all participants as they complete the CodeChallenge. The Candidate Report gives you additional insights into their score, as well as access to the full information provided in the sign-up form. You may download Candidate Reports as PDFs, share live links with colleagues to live reports, or export all participant data into an excel file. 

What about GDPR?

Codility is GDPR compliant and regardless of where you or your participants are based, we make sure our Challenges are GDPR compliant as well. For extra peace of mind,  we recommend that you review the Codility’s programmer terms and conditions, and the GDPR disclaimer on the sign-up/participant form before the challenge begins.

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