Based on the feedback regarding Multiple Choice Questions, we decided to respond to one of its downsides by releasing a new task type.

As the name suggests, you may now have multiple correct answers, all of them, or none to one question. This new type of task will present a bigger challenge to your candidates and will give you the possibility to get a better in-depth insight into their knowledge about the topic. 

How will the scoring work?

The maximum score that a candidate can get for a single question is 1, divided by the number of available responses. Each response is then judged individually as a True or False statement. Then, candidate either gets fraction of a point for a correct answer or loses it when answered incorrectly. This means that it is possible to get negative score.

After the task is submitted, all the scores are being added and the task is graded. In case the score is below 0, the candidate will get 0%.

Where can I find Multiple Response Tasks?

While we do have plans to release Multiple Response Tasks in the future, for now, the only way to have an MRQ Task is to create a Custom Task by yourself.

MRQ Editor is very similar to the currently existing MCQ Editor, with the main difference being that you can pick as many correct answers as you want

If you decide that a Multiple Choice Task would be better while you've already created a Multiple Response Task already, or vice versa, you can convert your task to the other one at any time now.
This also means that you can duplicate an existing Multiple Choice Task as a custom Multiple Choice Task and then convert this custom task into a Multiple Response Task and adjust it accordingly.

If you have any additional questions about our Multiple Response Tasks or would like to leave your feedback, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

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