We've now added an option to create folders within folders in order to improve test organization even further.

The process of creating folders remains as easy as before: the only difference now is that after clicking the 'Add Folder' button, you will have to pick the destination folder.

Once moved into a folder, your test will no longer appear in the main test list. If you change your mind you can move tests back to the main test list, or into another folder.

In order to make sure that you can keep folders organized properly, you can move folders to a different destination whenever you need to have them moved - all the folders inside that folder will also follow, similarly to how it works when moving folders on your computer. 

If you delete a folder, then all the subfolders will also get deleted. The tests inside will get moved to the destination folder.

Folders are shared across your team, so should you make changes, ensure the other users in your team are aware, or use the search bar to find a specific test. 

If you have Teams enabled, remember folders aren't shared between teams, and users needing to switch into different teams will need to navigate to the right team before seeing the folders, tests and sessions relevant to that team.

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