We've had real-life tasks in the Codility library for a while. Now, with Project Tasks however, you have the possibility to gain a new insight when testing Mid/Senior Developers that are used to working this way during their day-to-day job.

What is the difference between multi file interface for existing tasks and Project Task?

  • Visual change for fundamental/SQL tasks in Codility library
  • Adding test cases moved from bottom-left corner into a file (which is more natural for devs)
  • Adding/deleting/renaming/moving files and folders is not possible
  • Completely new task in library
  • Adding/deleting/renaming/moving files is required to solve the task
  • It's possible to manage files from tabs (similar to switching between opened websites in a web browser)
  • Extremely close to tasks developers solve in daily work

What is the best use case for Project Tasks?

Project Tasks are the most useful during recruitment of Mid and Senior candidates. We strongly advise against using them in campus recruitment or any large-scale events.

What is the difference between existing real-life tasks and Project Task?

  • Project Tasks will have natural, multi file project structure, which replicates pretty closely things that developers do in the daily work (which means working with complex codebase and applying changes by adding/refactoring a lot of files with every change)
  • Project Tasks can give you now new insights - e.g. ‘how is candidate able to structure their code?’

Should I expect existing real-life tasks to be refactored?

No, our goal is to keep on creating new tasks, made with the multi file support in mind from the ground up.

What about the report?

To review the candidate's multifile project, you will be able to download the code in a zip file

What about accessibility mode for Project Tasks?

While designing the new interface, we have made sure that all accessibility requirements are implemented.

If you have any additional questions about our Project Tasks or would like to leave your feedback, please contact us at support@codility.com and we'll be happy to help.

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