Every time a candidate completes a Codility Library task, we add more insights to that task to help you understand and set expectations around your candidate's performance. 

Task statistics indicate a task's difficulty based on previous candidates' scores. The graph shows what percentage of candidates, who have attempted to solve this task, succeeded in achieving a certain score.


In this task, the statistics show us that: 

  • 73.59% of candidates were able to reach a score of 50% or more
  • 71.20% of candidates were able to reach a score of 90% or more, a good score.
  • 66.56% of candidates were able to achieve a perfect score


Depending on the role and experience level of the test you're creating, you may want to reference a task's statistics to understand the scoring pattern (if it's a u-shape / binary, or a bell curve) and therefore whether it will give you a yes/no signal vs. a good/great signal. 

Questions about how to interpret the statistics on a task? Contact us for help. 

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