Your Interviewers now have greater flexibility in how they run technical interviews in CodeLive. We've added more technologies into their coding playground, and extended unit testing abilities. 

No two teams run interviews exactly the same, so we provide 3 ways to run your CodeLive interviews - Template Mode for structured interviews, Report Mode for a continuation of the candidate experience, and, Whiteboard mode, our most flexible option. 

What's changed in Whiteboard Mode? 

We've improved how standard output/debug prints work, and split technologies between their plain whiteboard and the option to use testing frameworks to write unit tests. We've also added new technologies to the whiteboard - Go, Kotlin, Swift and Ruby. 

Technologies CodeLive Whiteboard Mode supports: 

  • C++
  • C++ + Catch2
  • C#
  • C# + xUnit
  • Go
  • Go + testing
  • Java
  • Java + JUnit
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript + Mocha
  • JavaScript + Jest
  • Kotlin
  • Kotlin + JUnit
  • PHP
  • PHP + PHPUnit
  • Python
  • Python + pytest
  • Ruby
  • Ruby + RSpec
  • Scala
  • Scala + Scalatest
  • Swift
  • Swift + XCTest
  • SQL (PostgreSQL)

If you have other technologies you know your interviewers would love to have available in CodeLive, please contact us at 

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