Codility reserves the right to grant subscription cancellations and refunds based on good and fair practice. In certain cases, we will approve these requests, in line with the following policies.

Please note, these policies apply exclusively to LAUNCH SUBSCRIPTIONS, and self-service custom subscription licenses. They DO NOT apply to Annual, Pro, Unlimited or Enterprise Licenses.


  1. All subscription cancellation requests will be granted, you may do this yourself by following these instructions.
  2. Once cancelled, a subscriber will continue to have access to their Codility account for the remainder of the existing license period. However, may not be able to re-subscribe to their cancelled license again in future. 
  3. Subscribers may cancel their Codility subscription themselves or via email by the account admin to

The following applies exclusively to Launch subscriptions only. 

  1. Requests for refunds are only accepted in written form via email to
  2. The request must come from the Codility account admin’s email address. 
  3. Refund requests will only be granted for charges occurring no more than 3 months prior to the request.  
  4. Requests will be handled within 7 business days of receipt, and approved refunds returned within 10 business days from approval.
  5. Refunds granted will be returned to the same card the charge was made against. 
  6. Refunds are not available via bank transfer. 


  1. If the refund request concerns a charge occurring more than 3 months prior to the request. 
  2. If the account has been used during the license period in question.
  3. If any activity has occurred which is not in line with Codility’s Terms of Service.
  4. If the refund request is provided in any other format other than written form, or requested by someone other than account admin. 
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