Exclusive Tasks are a good option for you if you would like to have something unique in your task library but don't have a team to develop it or prefer to rely on Codility - after all, that's our speciality.

Developed completely by Codility, Exclusive Tasks still require your co-operation, but no development on your part. These can be tasks of the coding, algo, bug fixing or optimizing type. 

Deciding which type works for you best is the first step. The task’s contents are prepared by Codility engineers in entirety, with your cooperation. We need your involvement when it comes to examining your current needs, task contents consultations, confirmation of your requirements being fulfilled. Ongoing task maintenance is worked into the price per Exclusive Task. 

To find out more about whether an Exclusive Task will be right for your team, or to understand pricing, please contact your relationship manager or support@codility.com

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