The smart Test Builder is designed to speed up your test creation by recommending a selection of tasks for your test, based on your preferences. 

It can be challenging to select the right tasks for your CodeCheck screening test.

Whether you're new to Codility's task library, not an engineer yourself, or just short for time, the Test Builder uses the information like which job role, seniority level and key skills you're looking for to select tasks for you. 

Once you've clicked Build Test, the Test Builder will get to work, quickly filtering through our task library and building a test for you. You'll then be able to review it, replace, remove and switch the order of tasks as you like, before moving on to the test settings itself. In test settings you'll confirm the amount of time you want to provide to candidates, which languages you'll allow candidates to use, and details like which hiring team members should get email alerts when candidates complete the test. 

Our Test Builder uses inputs from you and from our internal data to define a good test for you, but it is still learning. For the first 2 months it'll be a BETA feature. 

If you have any feedback for the test builder, or want to ask any questions, please contact us at 

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