Codility's Task Library contains hundreds of tasks and question sets covering a range of difficulties, technologies and job roles. Our new filtering system makes it easier for you to find the exact tasks you're looking for.


Defines how challenging the task is, and what sort of pass rates you should expect. We recommend using Elementary tasks for warm-ups, and then a combination of Easy and Medium tasks for assessing your candidates' skills. We recommend using Hard tasks for CodeLive interviews, or with generous time limits - they truly are very hard, so validate their usage with your internal hiring managers before sending to candidates. 

Job Role: 

Defines which tasks are most relevant to common roles you might be looking for. Using Job Role as a filter is a great short hand way to find tasks useful for real-life assessment of skills for a specific role. 


Filters tasks based on the technology assessed by them. It's tightly related to real-life development tasks which may use the language Java but are related to assessing skills using the Hibernate Framework technology. 


Will filter tasks in your library by which languages they can be solved in. The majority of our fundamental tasks and many of our real-life dev tasks are language-agnostic, so you may need to use the language filter in tandem with another. 


Divides our tasks into specific category types, typically connected around a specific skill like Bug Fixing for example. They allow you to pinpoint a specific fundamental coding skill which you'd like to assess specifically in your screening test. 

Custom Tasks:

Your team's Custom Task Library is also able to be filtered based on the type of task they are - Coding, Multiple Choice, etc. 


Depending on your license access, you'll see the Training type pop-up, which hosts our training task library. If you're using Codility for internal training, check this filter to see training tasks. If you're using Codility for recruitment, always check the recruitment filter.

If you have any questions about how to best find tasks for your tests, please contact us at

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