We're happy to announce additional customizations now available to Enterprise and Unlimited clients. 

When inviting candidates to take Codility sessions (whether that be using CodeCheck, CodeLive or Codility for employees) it's important to maintain a strong brand presence over the emails, pages and interfaces the candidate is directed to. 

Enterprise and Unlimited clients may now control the:

  • Company logo on test invitation page
  • Type color on the test invitation page
  • Button color on the test invitation page
  • Left sidebar color on candidate interface
  • Company square logo on candidate interface
  • Company logo on candidate submission page confirmation or feedback page

All together, these customizations make it possible for you to brand your sessions on Codility more strongly and provide a more unified experience to your candidates.

To find out whether you may make these customizations, please contact support@codility.com or your Customer Success Manager. 

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