No two teams run interviews the same. We've released a better way of setting up your CodeLive room so that you can prepare it as you like it, based off three successful formats. 

There are three formats of CodeLive interview formats:

  • TEMPLATE MODE: Using a template of multiple pre-selected tasks - great for more structured technical interviews where you have multiple interviewers involved in running interviews and you want to ensure standardisation. 
  • WHITEBOARD MODE: Using whiteboard-only mode - great for more free-flowing interviews where the interviewer wants to make up questions, or has questions (which aren't set up in Codility already) which they want to copy/paste in themselves as the interview progresses. 
  • REPORT MODE: Using the candidate's completed CodeCheck screening session - one of our favourite approaches, where the interviewer can load the candidate's submitted screening test and use that as a starting off point - great if the interviewer wants to get the candidate to optimize their work, or dig deeper into a mistake they made to see if they can fix it. 

To learn more about which format will suit your team best, or just get some insights on how to make sure your interviews run well, read our article about the different formats in more detail, or contact us at

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