The first thing every interviewer should do once they finish an interview is to quickly summarize their impressions of the candidate, and provide their opinion about whether to advance the candidate. 

With CodeLive Scorecards, each interviewer finishing a CodeLive session, automatically sees a pop-up on their screen asking them to provide their opinion about how the candidate did. 

Those opinion/s are then collated into the candidate's Scorecard, where the recruiter or other members of the hiring team can review the overall opinion, replay the coding frame and decide whether to take the candidate forward. 

All it takes is a few quick responses by the Interviewer/s:

Once submitted, the Scorecard summary will be displayed on the candidate's CodeLive Report: 

Scorecards are never shared with the candidate, and are only used for internal communication - helping you avoid forgetting to pass on your feedback or making it easier to collect interviewer feedback all in one place. 

Scorecards are optional, so if interviewers prefer not to submit a review right after their CodeLive session, they can skip it, and then add notes later to the candidate's CodeLive report or send to the recruiter themselves. 

If you have any questions about ScoreCards, contact us at

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