Codility has a great variety of tasks in our library, and thanks to our task creation methodology, Codility Library tasks are high-quality, reliable and can be applied to many roles in a dev team.

However, sometimes you have a task you’ve prepared yourself and would like to use in Codility, or you haven't found what you wanted in our library and want to create a task yourself (assess a skill, language or framework not currently covered in the Codility library, for example). 

The best solution in such cases is our custom tasks. We have two methods:

What skills can Partnered Tasks cover?

Each case should be discussed with our team, but below you can find examples of the technologies that we work with (for the technology to be supported it has to have a Linux implementation):

  • Selenium
  • Cucumber
  • .NET
  • Blockchain
  • React
  • Angular
  • Spring 
  • NodeJS
  • Python (non-standard libraries)
  • Java (non-standard libraries)
  • R
  • Android
  • MySQL 
  • and many more.

What does the process look like?

Step 1. Your technical lead meets with one of our technical specialists to discuss the task and walk through the description.

Step 2. We'll give your technical lead access to a separate repository in GitLab where you will find a template (including an example task you can take as reference).

Step 3. While your technical lead is drafting the task, our team will be glad to help with troubleshooting or any issues that arise. Make sure to include coherent task description, perfect (golden) solution and test cases. It will be really helpful if you also add some possible wrong solutions that don't pass some of the edge cases. The task description should always be in English, but you can support it with descriptions in any other languages, if you wish.

Step 4. Our team will check if the task works correctly and will then deploy it into your account (it will be available only to you). We will ensure the task description is clear for candidates, check that the task is running correctly in Codility, test that the golden solution is correct, check if there are enough test cases, and make sure the task doesn’t take too long to execute. We’ll cooperate with your developer to ensure the task is fixed to meet the standard required for screening.

How long until I will be able to use my task?

After you submit the package for us to review, it will take between 3 days to 2 weeks to process the checks and if needed, make adjustments.

If you can't prepare a specific task yourself, but you have an idea, we may be able to help you with that. Please contact your Relationship Manager or our Support for more information. 

Will my Partnered Tasks be plagiarism protected? 

Similarity Check will run over your tasks to flag any instances of possible plagiarism.

Are there any limitations to Partnered Tasks?

There are some limitations on what we can and cannot add to the library, however please contact us at in reference to your task.

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