If your Codility account is used across multiple offices, locations or functions, Teams will help you better group and manage user access. 

If you're an account admin, you'll be able to create and name new teams, then move users into them accordingly. Users may be in multiple teams, for example recruiters who are managing the hiring process across multiple offices or functions. 

To create your first team, navigate to your account settings, and the Teams tab. Type the name of the team, add and then add team members from there.

New users must have a Codility account login before they may be added to a team. First invite new users, and then place them into a team. 

To begin with, all users will be in your company team by default. 

Each team has access to the tests and candidate sessions within that team, and is only able to see the tests and candidate sessions from the teams they're a member of. This also extends to folders. 

If you're a member of multiple teams, click on the teams icon to switch as needed:  

If you're a member of multiple teams, when creating tests you may select which team you'd like to have the test. If you'd like the same test to be visible for multiple teams, create the test in the first team, then duplicate it and move it to the other team. 

If you'd like teams enabled, please contact your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at support@codility.com

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