We've added four new Multiple Choice Question Sets to our library for screening Android, C++ and JAVA developers. 

Our Android multiple choice set includes 10 multiple choice questions designed to assess your candidate's knowledge of android development. For screening an android dev, consider coupling this Android multiple question set with a Coding or perhaps BugFixing skills task to get a rounded view of your candidate's abilities and knowledge. 

Our three C++ multiple choice sets includes 10 multiple choice questions each analyzing your candidate's knowledge of C++ , great for software or backend engineers working with C++. Click the images to link to them in the library. 

We've also added 3 more JAVA multiple choice sets each containing 10 multiple choice questions, brining the total number of sets up to 5 for assessing JAVA knowledge. You can view them by typing "JAVA" into the task search field in the task library. 

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