Our latest skill category contains our first generation DevOps tasks, designed to assess your DevOps candidates real-life shell skills. 

The demand for DevOps Engineers as well as System and Linux/Unix Administrators has been increasing significantly in the past years. It made tools helping assess the skills required for these positions even more valuable. 

This collection of first generation tasks contains elementary, easy and medium-level tasks, focused on writing Bash scripts, which is an essential skill for any DevOps positions. 

To have a well-rounded test, we recommend combining DevOps tasks with Coding tasks, depending on the level of the seniority of the position you're hiring for. If some theoretical knowledge is also required - we recommend including a multiple choice question set focussed on Bash and SysAdmin knowledge. 

If you're building a test for a DevOps role, let us know and we'll be happy to provide some advice. And if you have feedback for our 2nd generation tasks - let us know using the chat icon on the bottom left of this page. 

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