Feedback for candidates is designed to give your candidates a more positive experience with your team.

How does it work?

Once you enable candidate feedback, candidates will be able to see a basic breakdown of their Codility score, directly after submitting their test.

Why should you use it?

Feedback is an important part of any learning process, and when it comes to coding, even more important. We care about each candidate's recruiting experience, and we know you do too. Our automated feedback allows you to share insights directly to your candidate about their personal performance, right away. Thanks to this feature, you can appear more open and transparent to your candidates, and more supportive of their learning experience. 

If you've enabled feedback on a test, we'll inform each candidate before they start that they'll be given insight into their final score. For clients using this feature, their overall test drop-out rate has decreased, signalling that allowing feedback motivates candidates as well. 

What does it look like?
This is what a a candidate will see when you enable Feedback for Candidates:

How do I enable candidates' feedback?
You can change the default in your account settings to have automatic candidate feedback always switched on. Otherwise, you may also enable or disabled it for each test separately. 

If you need any help switching this on, or would like to get advice, feel free to ask us! Our clients all have different processes and use cases, so our recommendations vary depending on your case. 

Have suggestions of how Automatic Candidate Feedback could be improved? Let us know! 

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