You can have a test with randomized questions, so there are many different task combinations for that particular test and not every candidate gets the same tasks. This feature can be useful especially for graduate/college recruitment campaigns as candidates who know each other would not be able to easily share hints/solutions.

If you want a test to be randomized then create a test (it doesn't matter what tasks you select at this point, this is just to set up a name, programming languages etc.) and select pools of tasks for your test.

For example: you want to have a test with 3 different tasks - 1 easy coding, 1 medium algo and 1 medium bug-fixing - so you select 3 different easy coding tasks, 3 different medium algo tasks and 3 different medium bug-fixing tasks. Then send an email with your task selection and the name of the test to and we'll set it up for you!

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