What is Similarity Check

When your candidates submit their solutions, we automatically cross-check them against every other submission we've ever received - over 4.5 million assessments. We also scrape the web for any leaked solutions, and if we find a solution that looks similar to other ones (either online or other submitted by other candidates), we'll let you know. Our system can recognize similarities even if solutions have been modified (e.g. identifiers' change, code reformatting, small changes in the code structure). Similarity check is applicable to all tasks with the exception of multiple choice questions (MCQ), free-form (essay), upload and SQL tasks.

Check out the results of the similarity check in the upper part of the test report:

Click on "please resolve" to see a  detailed report:

Please note that solutions for some tasks are too simple to discern whether candidates cheated or that the similar submissions are merely coincidental. Also, in some rare cases, a single candidate might submit similar code if they're taking Codility coding tests for more than one company. We detect such cases whenever we can, but since test sessions may be anonymous, this isn't always possible.

What should I do if I receive such a warning?

The warning on its own doesn't necessarily suggest cheating. If you have any suspicions, our recommendation is to connect with the candidate to ask for clarification. If you need more details from us before making your approach, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@codility.com!

What does status "pending" mean?

Once a candidate submits a solution, the similarity check is pending. If no similar solutions are found, this step will be marked as complete within several minutes. If a similar solution is found, our tech team will review the Similarity Check report (shouldn't last more than three days) and present the findings to you.

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