For any online testing tool, plagiarism is one of the biggest challenges to tackle. We've been developing Codility's anti-cheating approach for over 7 years and have sent almost 7 million assessments through our platform. We use our learnings to improve our cheating detection and protection to ensure you can recruit with integrity. 

We have solid anti-cheating measures in place: 

We are constantly screening the internet for any leakage of our tasks. We've formed great relationships with the sites where our tasks are commonly posted, so if a task is leaked, we can easily and quickly take it down. If we can't contain the leak, we'll retire the task and replace it with a new one, keeping you informed throughout the process.

We also screen the internet for solutions to our tasks. We'll remove solutions where possible, but if the solution isn't correct, we usually leave it up. 

We use Similarity Check it to cross-check every new solution against our database of submitted solutions and detected leaks. We flag similar solutions for our tech team to review and if we notice anything suspicious, we'll let you know.

We also track candidate IP addresses. Should you ever have questions about a candidate's session, feel free to contact us and we'll provide additional information about reported issues or suggestions on what actions to take.

Have questions, think you've found a leak, or want us to check out one of your reports? Feel free to contact us at

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