Sourcing has always been the biggest thorn in a recruiter’s side. To help you tackle this challenge, we've developed a new solution: Sponsored Challenges.

We've been running public challenges on our Programmers Home page for over 5 years now in the interest of helping developers up-skill and improve their programming proficiency. 

Our developer community has given us great feedback about this, and each challenge we get thousands of participants competing to join our Hall of Fame. 

We're now inviting our clients to sponsor a challenge by placing your logo and company information on the challenge, and letting participants opt to share their contact information with you. 

Your Sponsored Challenge will be posted to our developer community via social media and our developer newsletter. Every participant in the first two weeks will be asked if they'd like to share their information with you. After 2 weeks, we’ll send you the contact details of all the programmers opted to share their details, so you can connect with them and build interest in your open roles. 

If you'd like to learn more about Sponsoring a Codility Challenge, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or email us at and we will connect you to the right person to find out how it could work for you. 

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