When you're hiring data scientists, use Codility to assess their basic skills or to gain some insight into your candidate's work methods which you can discuss further in your interview. 

Since Data Science requires a range of skills, we've created three different types of tasks, all around data science. We recommend combining one or more of these tasks together when creating a screening test for your candidates. 

Knowledge-based Multiple Choice Questions, empowering you to assess candidates' Data Science knowledge quickly without losing out on key insights. These are fast (they'll take your candidate less than 10 mins in total), are automatically scored, and will cover 10 questions around data science. 

Data Science Coding Tasks are automatically-scored coding style tasks which range in difficulty and duration. They are great for assessing your candidate's ability to write highly accurate code that will be helpful in analyzing data.

Data Science Analysis Tasks, require your candidates to make a report after manipulating and examining a data set. This mirrors how they would actually function in a work environment, combining data analysis and research to prepare findings and an action plan to impact business outcomes. These tasks tend to take a lot of time to complete however, and your candidates' report will be uploaded within Codility for you to review and score manually. 

Data Science Real-Life Tasks are automatically-scored and are available in R and Python.

You'll find Data Science tasks in the Task Library under the Data Scientist filter:

Feedback: We're constantly improving our skills assessment suite, so if you have feedback or comments, please send them to support@codility.com. 

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