Codility is used not just for recruiting, but also for learning and development. To facilitate this more, we've introduced the Training Suite. 

Featuring nearly 200 tasks, the Codility Training Suite is designed to be used for any and all internal developer training initiatives. Our clients are already using it for new dev bootcamps, internal team-building hackathons, and benchmarking developers for specific roles. 

The Training library is an exclusive group of tasks designed to upskill, coach, and engage your team. Some great use cases are helping your current coders learn new programming languages or participate in team training. 

You'll find the Training Suite in the task library tab. Filter tasks by the label Training, and you'll see all the different subtypes and difficulty levels available. You can create training tests by selecting these tasks exclusively when creating a test. 

Please note that there is no Similarity Check for tasks in the Training Library (anti-cheating methods aren't necessary because these tasks are completed by programmers within your company). 

The Training Suite is currently only available on the Codility Pro license or higher, or as an extension to your contract. To gain access, or learn more, please contact your relationship manager or

If you'd like help setting up your first few training tests, reach out - we'd love to help!

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