Reviewing candidates is often a team effort, so we've built two easy ways for you to share test reports with your colleagues. 

1. Share the live report via email

Once you're on the candidate's report, click the "Share" icon on the top right of the report. It looks like this: 

Once clicked, you have the option of either sharing the test report link via email or to copy the link directly. This link gives access to this candidate's dynamic test report (full playback features) for 7 days. 

If you chose to email the link, the recipient will receive and instant email like this: 

2. Downloading the report as a PDF

A PDF of the candidate's test report can be generated by clicking PDF icon on the upper right corner, which looks like this: 

Once the user clicks the icon the PDF will be downloaded onto your device. Please note, this PDF is not as dynamic as the live test report, so does not allow code playback. 

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