To improve your Codility experience, we collected and worked through your product feedback to deliver a fresh design of the Candidate Report.

Now you have several tabs you can switch between: Summary (overall summary of the session), Details (candidate and session details), Timeline (time used and user notes).

In the header you also have buttons that will allow you to request a style assessment, reopen a session in CodeLive, export the report in pdf format, as well as share, cancel, or reopen the test session.

Here are some explanations for the components in the report and how to use these insights to make decisions about candidates.

Overall Score

Usually the best indicator of how well a candidate performed on a coding test is their overall score. It factors in both the code's correctness and performance, and also includes the similarity check indicator so you can easily tell if the candidate's work is their own.

Correctness vs Performance

Here is a breakdown of how the overall score is calculated. We grade Correctness first, it measures whether or not their solution correctly solves the given task.


  • Pink Arrow: Text pasted into editor
  • White Arrow: Verification attempt
  • Blue Arrow: Final solution

You can use the timeline to get a play-by-play of what the candidate was doing over the course of their given task. The arrows help highlight key points in their coding session so you can look at what they were attempting to verify and what they imported from an external source.

We like to emphasize that just because something was pasted into the editor, it doesn't mean that the candidate cheated. A lot of candidates like to use their own IDE for writing the bulk of the code, and then fine-tune it inside our editor as they run verifications.

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