We've added QA tasks to our skills assessment library. 

These are great for screening and interviewing candidates for: 

  • QA Engineer roles
  • Automated Tester roles
  • Tester roles
  • And any role that relies on scripting a browser

QA: What's New? 

These new QA tasks tackle real life problems, allowing candidates showcase their experience in every day tasks. There are a number of frameworks QA engineers use daily - some use standard languages like Java or Python, while others use documents written in a specific, custom language. Depending on the stack your QA engineers are using, we recommend pairing one of these QA tasks with a Coding task in the same language. 

How are QA tasks scored? 

Automatically, and you'll be able to playback and review your candidates' code as needed. 

You'll find our QA tasks in the Codility Library, under QA: 

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