Integrating Codility with Jobvite allows you to seamlessly invite, review and store your candidate test reports all in one interface.

When integrated, you can: 

  • Standardize your Codility tests as part of the assessment stage. 
  • Select which Codility test is required for each role, and enable Jobvite users to initiate the test invite as candidates enter the assessment stage.
  • Have candidate test reports automatically attach to a Jobvite candidate profile and their scores displayed. 
  • Enable faster review and collaboration on specific candidate profiles between interviewers and hiring managers. 

Want to find out more about Jobvite? Let us know and we'll refer you to one of their team members to get a demo of their platform. 

Currently a Jobvite customer? Contact us at and we'll activate the integration for you. Please note that this is only available on Codility Pro. If you're not on our Pro platform, contact your relationship manager or and we'll help you with next steps. 

Setting up the Integration

  1. Send us the names of the Codility tests you'll be inviting your candidates to. 
  2. We will get you started by syncing your first tests for you. 
  3. You'll then be able to create the Codility assessment step in your requisitions.
  4. After you have set this up, you can start inviting candidates via Jobvite. 
  5. Choose the candidate that you want to invite and select Codility Assessment as the Workflow status.
  6. Once the candidate completes the test, you can see the status change and then the score and test details in the candidate's page.

Have questions? Contact us at and we'll be happy to help. 

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