One of the most important things while using Codility is creating good tests which are aligned to the skills as well as the experience required for the position that is being filled.

You need to have the job description and look for key languages that are required as well as the programming experience. Once that it is decided you can go ahead and create a test.

For Junior Candidates 

  1. We recommend using 2 easy tasks, and one medium task - this will provide you with a better distribution of scores. 
  2. Setting the time limit on the recommended time limit.
  3. Leaving the language options as open as possible. 

Following these steps leads to great candidate experience and will give you a fast way to move candidates through pre-screening. 

For Senior Candidates

  1. We recommend using an easy, warmup task, followed by two medium-level ones, or one medium and one hard.
  2. Making the test too long makes the dropout rate higher.
  3. Leaving all language options is always preferred but if you are looking for a particular language then lock the other ones you don't want.

We always recommend using hard tasks with caution. They are really quite hard, and for pre-screening you'll want to minimize the chances of false negatives. If you really want to use them, use in coordination with an easy task at the start, and remember it's a balancing act so you can tinker with different tasks.

Have Codility create a test for you

Our premium license comes with the unlimited test creations. Once a test creation request is received, engineers at Codility work to have a good tailored text created that suits client needs.

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