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In an ideal world, every candidate you invite to your test completes it. For some of our customers this is a reality! So Rachel, our Relationship Manager, has been speaking to them to figure out the secret to increasing candidate completion rates:

  • Expectation Setting. Let your candidates know at the start that a Codility test will be a part of the hiring process. This can be in a flow chart on the careers page of your website, over the phone or in email after they first show interest in the role. Be clear that all candidates go through this step and it helps you understand the candidate better before interviews.
  • Clear and Personal Invitation Email. Edit the default email to include information like the length of the test, how many tasks are in it, and which languages they can use. Add a personal touch like asking a question about the process so far, or mentioning something specific to their profile, then sign off with a name, and contact information.
  • Set a Deadline. Tell candidates that completing the test within one week is appreciated. Codility automatically sends an email reminder after one week.
  • Brand Your Test as a Challenge. Remove the words test, assessment and exam from your messaging, this will go a long way in calming candidates.
  • Rejected Candidates? Send them to to practise their coding skills, then offer to let them re-sit the test in the future.

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